Portland High Life

Portland is one of the hippest cities in the U.S. and Oregon’s legalization of weed has only added to the creative vibe. Here are the best not-quite-touristy spots to enjoy, whether you’re high on life or just high



The Jupiter Next is an independently owned, conveniently located hotel with secret smoking patios on every floor. It’s also home to Hey Love, which makes tropical comfort food: Think your grandma’s weird 1960s recipe cards, but way more delicious. Plus, it frequently hosts DJ nights with local faves like Timothy Bee, known for his ’80s hip-hop mix, and the Latin-influenced tunes of Noche Libre, an all-female, all-Mexican-American DJ collective. From the hotel, you can easily walk to dispensaries, cute boutiques and vintage shops — some are even located directly across the street (rooms start at $99 USD).


For healthy-ish comfort food, try P’s & Q’s market. The menu is a mix of seasonal specialties and standbys, like the trout board with devilled eggs. But don’t take the health kick too far, or you’ll miss out on the “dirty fries.” Get your classic diner fix at Fuller’s, which serves all-day breakfast with stacks of steaming pancakes, waffles, hash browns and never-ending coffee. Portland is known for rainy weather, but inside Güero, it always feels like the sun is shining. Known for its tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and adored for its bowls, the location has landed on Bon Appétit’s best restaurants list. Expect exotic flavours like tamarind and achiote layered in messy sandwiches. Chase your food with one of the flights of fiery mezcals. Slow down and enjoy a beautiful dinner of shared plates at Navarre, which also has over 50 wines by the glass. Opt for the chef’s choice and let the farm-focused nibbles appear in front of you (don’t miss its tiny bar next door, Angel Face, with hand-painted wallpaper). To up the spice levels, eat at Mee-Sen Thai, which is great if you are in a rush — it’s always so fast! For the classic American dive-bar experience, hit up Slim’s — it’s been around for more than 100 years, and thanks to an excellent chef-owner, it is renowned for its surprisingly good food (get the curry). And the beer is only $2! 8635 N Lombard St


Imagine all of the most creative people you know being let loose to design their own weed stores. That’s what the Portland dispensary scene looks like. Visit Farma and Serra to find favourite local brands like Quill vape pens and Wyld cannabis edibles — they come in delicious flavours like peach and marionberry, and there’s a gummy for every mood. Serra’s slogan, “Purveyors of Quality Drugs,” says it all. Its light-filled stores and clever word play make it the minimalist’s answer to maximalist weed culture. Farma is considered one of the top dispensaries in the country, not only for its beautifully designed shops but also for the quality of its weed. And for the best vibes in the business, go to Electric Lettuce. It has an enchanted 1960s pre-Woodstock fever-dream type feel with a connoisseur’s collection of cannabis.


Stationery fetishists and bookworms alike will be sated by Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore located in the historic Guild Theatre. For deconstructed indie fashion (including weed friends like Mister Green), check out West End Select Shop. Get lost in graphics at Floating World Comics — not only does it have a diverse array of comics, graphic novels and zines, but it’s also an independent publisher. If you’re willing to pack treasures carefully in your suitcase, stop by Midnight Sunlight for unique vintage home goods like Fornasetti plates and “lips” chairs (the shop ships, too). Plus, you can unearth great fashion finds like Sonia Rykiel sweatshirt dresses and Gucci purses, 623 SW Pine St. For things that smell amazing, visit Olo, founded by self-taught parfumeur Heather Seilaff. She blends her fragrance oils by hand, and they come in convenient rollerball bottles.


The Grotto, a nature-inspired Catholic sanctuary tucked into a hill, is a hidden gem. This place has it all: Mournful statues, a token-operated elevator, a stone labyrinth, a Virgin Mary-themed cabin and a window-walled lookout with a great view of the city (sometimes it also houses a grand piano and a spooky statue). The Lan Su Chinese Garden is a small but immaculate place that hosts monthly rotating exhibits. Don’t leave until you’ve spotted the two giant golden koi fish. In the tea house, try Eight Treasures Tea, a sweet blend of citrus, herbs, ginseng, flowers and fruit


If you time it right, you can treasure hunt at the annual Antique & Collectible Show at the Expo Center. Make sure you buy a very large bag of kettle corn to satiate your munchies as you wander through the endless aisles of strange antiques and ephemera. Also take a look at the Portland Rose Society’s events calendar — every so often, it hosts shows highlighting amazing flowers grown by its members, the most surreal of which takes place at the Lloyd Center mall.


In Portland, it’s not actually legal to smoke weed anywhere in public, and the law asks you to only consume it within a private residence. However, many Portlanders do what suits their comfort level, and you will definitely see (or smell) a lot of people outdoors with weed. If you want to be extra subtle, taking an edible is incredibly discreet. Just remember to start slow — you can’t un-eat it!

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