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The Mother & Daughter

A Very Dear Friend: A Mother And Daughter Speak Openly About Cannabis

The end of the cannabis prohibition means, for many people, the chance to come out publicly about a longtime herbal ally. For many of us, coming out means, first and foremost, opening up to our parents. Daenah Campbell, a model and poet, and her mother Kalemah Campbell, an herbalist and spiritual coach, let us sit in on a conversation about their own relationships to cannabis and how it has strengthened their connection to one another.

Quick Facts

Daenah Campbell

daughter, poet, model, artist

Kalemah Campbell

herbalist, spiritual coach



Kalemah: I think about our relationship as mother/ daughter and I think about all the young people out there that partake in cannabis and hide it from their parents, and I wish there was something I could say that would allow parents to be more open-minded.

Daenah: I think you should focus on showing your children the love that you needed when you were their age. Because we all go through the same things.

Kalemah: Parents forget what it was like being a young person, exploring. Our relationship has gotten so much closer because we share this thing that has blessed my life. Whatever your desire is; whatever your intention is, marijuana enhances that. We wanted to have a better relationship as mother and daughter.

Daenah: It was a bonding tool. It’s weird, because we’ve never had this conversation before, so I’m just like: “She said ‘marijuana’ ha ha.” What is the appropriate language to use?

Kalemah: It’s a plant. It’s like basil. It’s not chemically manufactured in a laboratory. It comes from the earth. You plant it; you water it; you give it sunlight, and it grows!

Daenah: That’s all.

Kalemah: It’s a plant. I think we will change people’s perspectives if we call it what it is.

Daenah: Yeah. Essentially. When I’m high, it all becomes very clear that everything I’m putting outwards has a lot more to do with me than with anybody else. It’s definitely a oneness. You realize you are a reflection of everything.

Cannabis is definitely something that you mature with.

Kalemah: Yeah! I can remember having an argument with [a partner of mine] and being very upset. But the moment I smoked, instead of just thinking about how I felt, I was thinking about how he must have felt. It subsides the ego.

Daenah: It’s a minor ego death.

Cannabis is definitely something that you mature with. There was a lot more stigma around it when I was younger, but as an adult you can have a conversation and most people will say “I don’t see why you wouldn’t smoke weed.” When you mature you develop your own ways to keep yourself in harmony and that’s when I feel like it became more of a staple in my life.

Kalemah: I grew up in a community in Jamaica wherein the less-agreeable people smoked weed, basically. So my family had nothing to do with it and that was my conditioning growing up. I had to be a little bit more open-minded to even gain the benefit. Being open-minded is a beautiful thing.

Daenah: Perspective, I feel like.

Kalemah: Yes. It facilitated the woman that I am now. It gave me a connection to my ancestors. Cannabis has been a dear friend.

Photography by Angela Lewis

Daenah also goes by “Dae the Poet,” and at the age of 20 she is taking the Toronto spoken word, modelling, and music scene by storm. Most recently Dae released “Blue,” the debut single off her upcoming EP entitled Dae Dream which is scheduled to release this summer on Karmatic Records.


Here are a few of the inspiring women and groups Dae admires:

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@ourwomensvoices Our Women’s Voices is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of women, especially those voices that are often unrepresented. I love following them on instagram because they are always spotlighting amazing female creatives.


@ellenbryantmusic Ellen Bryant is an Australian musician living in Toronto, currently pursuing her music career and other artistic pursuits. This woman has such an amazing light! Ellen is a great example of an “Ally,” because is she’s always listening and asking questions.


@yes_imspencer Spencer Glassman is a photographer, model, and a member of the team at @hayleyelsaesser. Her confidence makes it apparent that style starts on the inside, and how we express ourselves on the outside is a reflection of those core feelings.


@chachengster Hannia Cheng is a facilitator, activist, and dancer. Hannia is always my reminder to do my part in my community. Through spoken word, she sheds light through on her Asian Canadian experience, which is a story that’s not often told. I love following her simply because she grants you the permission to be your authentic awesome self!