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the manifesto

We are the new face of cannabis. We are out in the open and confident to share our stories. Many of us took risks to be where we are, to become who we are. We insist on being fully represented as the real people we are: in the products that we choose, in the images we see, in the industry that serves us, and the society we shape.

Quick Facts

The manifesto is an excerpt from Latitude Volume One

Available at Indigo

In cannabis, we see a powerful resource for creativity, beauty and fulfillment—one that is in tune with our bodies and inherently well suited to our needs, goals and values, whoever we may be as individuals. Cannabis helps us to nurture and care for ourselves. As we come to understand new properties found in this remarkable plant, we look forward to benefiting from cannabis even more.

Beyond what the chemistry of the plant holds for us, in the legal cannabis industry that is emerging, we see a unique possibility to do better and be different. We have always figured prominently among the industry’s growers, processors and providers. It is time for us to be richly recognized for the roles we play, which extend across decades and generations. It is time for us to claim our place among the industry’s leaders as well.

By sharing our honest experiences, we bust stigmas and re-orient the cannabis conversation. Latitude is a time capsule. It is a collection of stories. It is a front-row seat to a revolution.

Cannabis is not just my medicine — I find it pleasurable, too. Adults have a right to enjoy things and seek pleasure. We should get to decide what we put in our bodies. Even if I wasn’t “sick,” I would still use cannabis. My stomach issues are just what brought me to it and helped me open my eyes about it.

— Sarah Hanlon @flatshanlon

What does wellness mean to you? It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Five elevated women share what “being well” means to them:

Caryma S’ad, lawyer

To be my best for my clients, wellness becomes about building a work environment where I’m comfortable. I bring my cats to work! I keep ice cream bars in the fridge at the office, because why not? Cannabis is part of my self-care regimen. I try to listen to my body.  Sometimes, it’s time for a nap, and the pile of paperwork can wait.

Vee Mercier, cannabis champion

 I go to the ocean almost everyday with my dog, and even when it’s cold, it feels so good to be by the water. I am not defined by my disease, but my illness has made me realize that I can’t take life for granted. I find the joy in small things — ways to appreciate every single day.

Sandy Braz, owner of a yoga studio

Consistency isn’t boring, it’s grounding. It offers internal space, room for growth. We all have ups and you have downs, but the more consistent days you can have in a row, the more you can learn about yourself.

Deb Singh, sexual trauma counsellor and activist

Wellness is the mind-body connection. It is remembering to eat green things everyday…but sometimes the soul also needs to be fed a pint of ice cream.

Connie Gardiner, medical cannabis patient

Every woman deserves a certain amount of independence, self-determination, and the freedom to make her own choices.