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The Gardener

Recognized as one of Canada’s finest growers, Sarah Sunday takes immense pride in producing the best cannabis possible for herself and her patients. She is also the founder of Canada’s elite cannabis competition The Karma Cup, and has cultivated a beautiful community around the annual event.

Sarah’s cannabis journey began after years of struggling with severe migraines and other health issues. She credits cannabis as the catalyst that changed her life. When she got an MMAR license, she quickly realized that she had found more than medicine; cultivating cannabis was also her calling.

I suffered from severe migraines in my 20s. My doctors prescribed a variety of pharmaceuticals from Tylenol 3 to Ativan, but I was still suffering and the meds made me feel terrible. I finally got a cannabis authorization through the MMAR program and everything changed. Back then patients were expected to grow their own cannabis or designate a grower. There were a few cannabis clubs in the city, including CALM, and I became an early member there. Flower was expensive, ranging from 10-12$ per gram.

I decided to learn how to grow cannabis and it was a total game changer for me. I became obsessed (in a good way) with getting it “perfect” and cultivating a beautiful end product. I perfected my process from seed to curing. I am very proud of the garden I built.


Switching to cannabis enabled me to go to work and live a better life. I felt like it brought me to myself again. This inspired me to want to share my passion for growing high quality cannabis with the medical community that was developing, and The Karma Cup was born.

I want consumers to come out of the closet and into the open. I’ve noticed huge changes in the ways Canadians have viewed cannabis in the past decade. It’s basically a 180 — only a decade ago people would be disgusted by my role as a medical patient and cannabis cultivator. Now I feel like the “belle of the ball.”

I am looking forward to all of society becoming more accepting of cannabis. I encourage everyone to be honest about their adult decision to use cannabis. There is nothing wrong with it. We’re normal people and we’re living our lives. The only way to end the stigma is to be proud of our choices as individuals, and stand for what we believe in as a community.

Photography by Angela Lewis

My favourite all round strain to consume and grow is Purple Kush, a strong Indica with a relaxing, mood enhancing high.


The Karma Cup

I created The Karma Cup with the hope of creating a fair competition for medical growers and producers to showcase their best products. The Karma Cup has evolved into a festival as well as a competition, and it’s now a platform which enables emerging brands and businesses to meet the community directly and gain legitimacy. It is a friendly competition and the primary goal is to move the industry forward, together: we encourage everybody to work hard and achieve their dreams.

The community that has developed around the Karma Cup is central to its success. I support them. There’s a lot of heart in this community. The Karma Cup is a cannabis competition for legal medical growers in Canada. Visit their website to find out more about this years event.

Photographs of Sarah Sunday by Angela Lewis