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the fighter

We often find strength in moments of vulnerability, and master personal care in times of distress.

Around the time Angelina Blessed started training in Muay Thai, known as “the science of 8 limbs” in her home city of Toronto, she was also reeling from a bad break-up.

Quick Facts

Angelina Blessed

Edible maker, Muay Thai fighter, cannabis activist



“I was going through a really tough time and had never really travelled, so after I had a few months of training under my belt I decided to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for my first official fight at the age of 30. I remember crying the entire plane ride over, and then my driver who barely spoke English dropped me off in the middle of nowhere and said, “At 6 o’clock we run.” My teachers just kind of threw me into the ring in a temple, and I’ve loved Muay Thai more than anything in the world ever since.”

Over the past 13 years Angelina has celebrated many victories and also endured multiple injuries, citing cannabis as her main source of recovery to fight inflammation and soreness. Below she shares how healthy cannabis edibles, oils, and “floating” became an integral part of both her training and recovery, and a building block to living a happy life.

As soon as I found cannabis and floating and self-love, I started to soften a bit, and I found that softness was necessary for balance.

I carry the fundamental lessons of Muay Thai with me everywhere I go, in everything I do. I believe that my body is a temple, and that the mind is connected to the body. It’s a very powerful connection. It’s a warrior mentality.

Muay Thai is an aggressive sport, it’s very rewarding but it also asks a lot from those who practice. When I compete or train at a certain level, I am also building discipline and an ability to master my emotions. Before I fight, I feel nervous. It’s an anxious kind of excitement where my body is about to do this extreme thing. And my mind and body are both turned on, trying to prepare for what I am about to do.

There were lots of times after a fight when I wasn’t okay. As much as my mind is telling me to train harder, get back at it, not to quit, the body would just start to break down. The turning point for me was when I came back after my last fight in China with a heavy concussion. I knew that if I wanted to continue to train at this sport I loved so much I’d have to make some changes -and I knew that I would have to stop fighting competitively.

That is when I started looking at cannabis, along with the practice of “floating” (also known as sensory deprivation), more seriously as a tool for recovery. CBD in particular has been my main aid in battling inflammation and soreness, and cannabis more generally also helps me deal with the personal side of things.

For a while, I didn’t know who I was without being about to say I was a “fighter.” This part of the journey has been new territory, because my whole life to this point had been about going harder, and being faster, stronger, tougher. But as soon as I found cannabis and floating and self-love, I started to soften a bit, and I found that softness was necessary for balance. That’s when things fell into place for me. Being able to share my story and share my path allows me to help other perform better, and to heal. I started to talk to people about what I was doing — my holistic “train, treat, repeat” philosophy. I started to talk to people in my athletic community about the benefits of CBD, and that’s how Blessed was born.

Photography by Taylor Oakes Productions 

Sensory deprivation became a part my recovery process too, to lower my cortisone levels. We call it “floating” because you’re lying in 11 inches of water heated to your body-temperature with a thousand pounds of Epsom salt. You’re in complete darkness, complete stillness, sitting at zero gravity. It’s an amazing experience, and works very well with CBD, or even a little THC.


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My mantra - train, treat, rest and repeat

Train your body, mind and soul


Treat yourself with quality supplements


Rest and Repeat