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The Entrepreneur

As cannabis enters the mainstream and the stigma begins to shift, it liberates conversation around other similarly taboo topics, and helps open the door for exploration and healing.

Angela Mustone is the founder and president of HighOnLove, a Montreal-based brand focused on selling lubricating oil blends made with hempseed oil. It is her mission to promote sexual wellness through her products, cannabis and open conversation.

My ultimate goal is to bring “taboo” topics like cannabis and sex into the mainstream. There is a lot of resistance when it comes to using cannabis — whether medically or recreationally — and still so much stigma associated with talking about sex, especially when it comes to people being open about issues they have with intimacy. I know that the only way to destigmatize the misconceptions of both cannabis and sex is through education, and more than that, by talking about the reality of these topics honestly and without apology.


I don’t want women to feel shy about talking about their sexual health. My goal is to make it ok for women to explore themselves and their health, and everything that goes into that. It’s important. That is why I’m so passionate about making products for women, we need to spend more time on ourselves, and falling back in love with ourselves.

My background is in the adult industry, and I was curious about  what I was hearing about cannabis, and about the possible impact it could have for the health, wellness and pleasure industries. When I learned that cannabis legalization was coming to Canada, I knew I wanted to follow my curiosity to find out if there were any benefits to using THC/CBD when it came to sex. The only way to know was to try it myself!

There is so much potential on what cannabis products can do to help someone’s quality of life that it’s a shame the misconceptions and stigma of the product overshadows it.

My reaction was, “oh wow!” but then I made all my girlfriends try it too to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Of course their overwhelmingly positive feedback confirmed my experience, and now that’s how I still see my role in this business. I just really want as many other women as possible to have this euphoric experience.

I worked closely with a chemist to formulate a sample of orgasm oil with THC — as someone who had worked in the adult industry for more than 15 years and knowing what was available and popular, let me tell you — I was really blown away with the results of this sample. I knew I was on to something great, and that is where HighOnLove really started. Right now we’re selling hemp-based products only but we’re very close to releasing our THC and CBD-based products, and I’m ready to blow some minds.

I am extremely passionate about this work. I want to be a voice for anyone going through intimate or sexual issues with a partner or without. These are often subjects that people are too afraid or feel embarrassed to talk about. I want to let them know that they’re not alone and that there are products that can help!

In this post-legalization industry I am hoping that there will be less resistance when it comes to using cannabis products, as time goes on, and more education on how it can make a positive impact on society when used properly. There is so much potential on what cannabis products can do to help someone’s quality of life that it’s a shame the misconceptions and stigma of the product overshadows it.

To run a business of any kind, but maybe I’ll say especially in the sex and cannabis industries, you need to really believe in yourself and what you’re bringing to market. You’re going to face challenges and you’re going to have to stand up to critics who will try to tell you that it’s not going to work. Securing capital was my biggest challenge. I had to invest my own money to get High On Love off the ground — and I mean all of my personal money and assets — before we later found funding. Banks wouldn’t take me seriously because of the nature of the products and the cloud of stigma that surrounds both the sex and cannabis industries. I’ve never even thought of giving up though, because I so strongly believe in what I’m putting into the world. I still face challenges every day. As a woman in business you have to be on the ball way more than a man in the same position. That is still the reality. We have no room to doubt ourselves because so many others will. My advice to other women starting or running businesses? Don’t be shy. Don’t take no for an answer. Take up space. You DO know what you’re doing. Give ‘em hell.

We asked her for some tips we should consider when we’re looking for a cannabis-infused pleasure oil. What should we be asking before we buy? Here’s what she said:

Consumers need to know what they are using the products for; Recreational high? Physical Pain? Anxiety? Sleep? This is the best place to start, in my opinion.


The potency of CBD/THC in the product  – less is sometimes more depending on what you want to treat.


How often should the products be used and what should they expect to feel when using it – especially those who are using cannabis product for the first time.