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The Dreamer

Taryn Wittlin, aka Trixy Starr, is a force of nature, sparking joy and happiness through her dream-like designs. Since moving to L.A. 18 years ago Taryn has built a successful jewellery business, an international community of fans, and has started a family of her own. Remarkably, she recently launched a dream collaboration with her “favourite band since forever,” The Grateful Dead. The Trixy Starr homepage boasts an aesthetic that is two parts whimsy, and three parts pure sunshine. Taryn’s infectious positivity comes through in every piece of her collection.

Quick Facts

Taryn Wittlin

Jewelry Maker




People might just think it’s marketing speak, but I truly do want to be a person who’s out there in the world spreading love and joy and fun. The jewellery I design is all of those things.

It’s really amazing to me that my weed leaf earrings have been our best seller for the last three years. I get so excited about it, because it’s an honest representation of me, of so many of the things I love. I’m designing things that I want to wear, and it’s a great feeling when you find a community of customers who like what you do. I love being someone who gets to put that super girly cannabis accessory out there, knowing that other people are part of that club, too!

When I’m in creation-mode, I like to take a little smoke and then start designing from that place of mind.

Cannabis has always helped me stay present and connected to the moment. It helps me stay calm and focused in so many areas of my life. When I’m in creation-mode, I like to take a little smoke and then start designing from that place of mind. When I have to manage e-mails, or I’m physically making jewellery and putting each piece together, or if I’m packaging orders, cannabis helps me stay on task. When I’m out strolling with my son, running errands, I can get a lot of things crossed off my list, and am able to be really attentive to him at the same time. Cannabis is really just a part of my every day, there’s not necessarily a special ceremony surrounding it. But weed is definitely an important part of how I care for myself.

Most women, even if we grew up with good families who loved us, were not really trained to love ourselves, or put ourselves first. We were taught to be kind to others, but not to apply that same kindness to ourselves.

I can finally say that I do love myself, even though I am still working on getting better at it every day. I really believe that learning to love ourselves is the best way to learn to love each other. I want to spread that message around.

I’ve had to learn how to value myself — not just what I looked like on the outside, but who I was on the inside too. I had an eating disorder when I was young, I went through a phase of being bulimic. Unfortunately a lot of young women go through this and it’s really terrible. I had to develop new values as an adult, as a business owner, as someone who says unabashedly, “I want to spread joy in this world!” — I made a decision that I didn’t want spend my life hating myself, or buying in to what everyone else thought was “beautiful” or “good.” Empowerment is maintaining a personal vision you care about, that means something to you, despite what other people think. Empowerment is being yourself without apology.

Trixy Starr is on a mission to spread positive vibes. Inspired by music, sparkly energy, bright colours and radical self-love, we’re hoping to encourage playful, fearless fashion and true authentic self-expression. I’m deeply inspired by the things I loved as a kid. 80s cartoons for instance, like My Little Pony, or Jem and the Holograms. As children we’re so uninhibited, we just want to play and have fun. I’ve been really into light-up jewellery lately, and I’m going to continue to make more. When it comes to fun fashion, the possibilities are endless! Some like-minded brands that inspire me:

Jeremy Scott — his use of colour is beyond fun and he uses outrageously fun prints, characters, animals, etc.


Melody Ehsani — her styles are dope and her message epic.  She definitely represents the light!!!


FAFi – her characters are fierce and bold and clearly not afraid to be who they are!!!  I also love her use of colour and the fun, youthful styles of the girls she paints