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1 The Illustrator

Aless McGovern speaks five languages fluently and holds two degrees. Since graduating from a graphic design program last year, she has worked diligently to build an impressive body of personal work which showcases her talent, her love of bright colours, and what is sure to soon be considered her signature psych-pop style.

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2 The Free Spirit

Jale Ferland — pronounced Jalé — has lived a myriad of different and fantastical lifetimes in her 40-ish years. After living in New York’s Lower East side (including a stint at the famous Hotel 17, previous home to a pre-fame Madonna and current home of diva Amanda Lepore) at the height of “Club Kid” culture, learning how to get done-up from Drag Queens, befriending icons like Lenny Kaye, and fronting a 90s punk band called Guttergirl.

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3 the connoisseur

Kayla Gerber boasts a number of talents beyond “expert-level cannabis connoisseur” — she’s also a singer, dancer, actor, model, and dance teacher. When Kayla was chosen by Toronto-based company AHLOT — from a pool of 25,000 applicants — to get paid to consume and evaluate weed, she could barely believe it.

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