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Explore new latitudes through storytelling, and learn about cannabis as a wellness tool through women's authentic experiences.
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1 the photographer

Michelle Yee wants to see how far she can take her photography. After growing up in a household in Edmonton where “a camera was always present,” she used the medium as a way to crystallize and then analyse moments in time. In 2014, Michelle and seven of her peers co-founded the acclaimed SOFIA — the Society of Females in Art — a Toronto-based fine-art photography collective working towards amplifying the voices of women in the industry.

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2 The editor-in-chief

Anja Charbonneau is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Broccoli magazine, a gorgeously designed, independently printed publication for women who love weed.

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3 The Coach

After years of working in health education and discovering that people would rather learn about sexual pleasure than how to properly use a condom, Luna Matatas has settled into the role of sex and pleasure educator, teaching people how to shamelessly embrace their bodies and their sexual desires.

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